Diving spearfishing inflatable surface marker buoy with quick release dump valve 
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Material 210 denier nylon with TPU coated
Style 1. Two sides orange color
2. strap to save dry tube
3. Come with dump valve, oral inflatable valve and D-ring

1. High visibility design, Padded valve cover

2. A unique feature of the Deluxe is that the diver can fill the tube at depth by holding 

the open bottom of the tube over a regulator mouthpiece 

while the regulator is being purged. The air will enter the tube 

through a  large Duck-bill valve at bottom. When the    tube is sufficiently filled with air, the diver can release it to the surface 

(while tied to a line) a built-in Over Pressure Relief Valve allows 

the tube to ascend without rupturing.

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